Friday, April 8, 2011


Eating seaweed is good for you! - For radiation protection, for hair, for skin, and for overall health.  Seaweed has naturally occurring iodine, as well as many other trace minerals that will protect your health when added to your diet.

The naturally occurring iodine and other minerals in sea vegetables are safer for you as they are organic, not synthetic, and therefore more easily assimilated and more compatible to the human body.

You can easily add small amounts of Sea Vegetables to your diet daily by consuming them in soups and salads, or by taking supplements in the form of capsules or powders.  Purple Dulse Powder can be sprinkled to dishes for a salty flavor instead of table salt. 

Wakame is very mild and is delicious in Miso Soup made with just a little bit of miso paste, water, tofu (firm or soft, cut into chunks) and soaked wakame sea vegetable.  The wakame is similar in taste and texture to a mild spinach flavor.

Other products useful for adding a little bit of 'seaweed' to the daily diet are Gomasio, Nori (sushi wrap), Kelp and Arame.  The Gomasio is especially good as a sprinkle on many dishes as it also contains organic sesame seeds, sea salt, and various sea vegetables: organic dulse, nori, and kombu.

If you don't care for any of these, there are also many types of 'seaweed wrapped' crispy crackers that are very tasty.  One especially good brand is: Eden Foods Nori Maki Crackers with: Sweet brown rice, nori seaweed, tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, sea salt), shiitake mushroom powder, kombu seaweed powder. 


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